Load The Analysis ToolPack in Excel

The steps in installing the Analysis ToolPack in Excel are presented with images. The Analysis ToolPack includes data analysis which is a set of advanced features that allows one to analyze data.

1 - Open an Excel file and click the " File " tab as shown below.

Click on File in Excel

2 - Click on "Options" in the menu as shown below.

Click on Options
3 - Click on "Add-ins" .

Click Add-ins

4 - Select "Excel Add-ins" and press "Go" .

Select Excel Add Ins and Press Go

5 - Check "Analysis ToolPack" and click "OK" .

Check Analysis ToolPack and Click OK

6 - Check that you have successfully installed the Analysis ToolPak by opening any Excel file, click on the "Data" tab and see if you have the "Data Analysis" on the right side as shown below.

Check that you have installed the Analysis ToolPak