Download Historical Financial Data

The steps to download historical financial data on stock prices, crrencies, indices of financial markets from Yahoo are presented.

Step 1 - Use the internet and any browser to open Yahoo Finance page.

Organize Data Into Columns

Step 2 - Type the symbol of the financial item such as a stock price, index ... in the search box and press search. In this example "AAPL" stands for Apple corporation stock price.

Type Symbol of Financial Item

Step 3 - Click "Historical Data" on the summary page for the stock price (or index).

Summary Page

Step 4 - Examine summary page "Historical Data" and the three parameters that are to be set: Time Period, Show and Frequency.

Three Parameters to Set

Step 5 - Set the "Time Period" for the historical data you wish to download. In this example, the start date is 01/12/2015 and the end date is 01/12/2022.

Select Input Y Range Data

Step 6 - Select "Historical Prices" or any other data needed. In this example, we wish to download the historical prices of the Apple stock over the period of time selected in step 5.

Select Historical Prices

Step 7 - Select the frequency: Monthly, weekly or daily. In this example we select Monthly.

Select Frequency

Step 8 - Check all three parameters entered above and if all of them are correct click "Apply", pause and then "Download".

Check All Three Parameters and Download Data

Step 9 - Take note of the name and type of the file downloaded, then save the file in any folder. In this example, it was saved on the "Desktop"

Note the Name of the CSV File
You may download the file "AAPL(1).csv" at Apple historical price

Step 10 - Upload data to Excel file. Open an Excel file. Then click on "Open", "Browse", select the folder where the CSV file was saved in this case "Desktop", select the file name, in this example "AAPL(1).csv", then "Open".

Upload Data From CSV File to Ecel File

Step 11 - Data to Excel file. If you follow this example, the data on an Excel should look like the one shown below.

Data on Ecel File In Columns

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